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Just in case someone ended up here, I have moved ages ago and post seldom thoughts here:


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Amazon Recommendations.. hmm ..

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Right.. everybody are well aware how recommendation system works. It just surprised me a bit when my todays recommendations included the below..







Don’t remember buying any Star Wars literature or accessories ever in my entire life. How amazon comes to those conclusions? Is it not too much of generalization to recommend Star Wars to someone who demonstrates interest in to post-apocalyptic literature and zombies? Do all other people who have similar interest also likes Star Wars?

Or was it because I also buy marketing and psychology books?

And here comes the best bit of recommendations:



I might get this one 🙂






Social Media Experts Mug

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Social Media Experts Mug | Zazzle.co.uk.

If Apple would sell water..

February 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

.. I would probably buy some.


Apparently, when it comes to bottled water it is a little bit of an aesthetic choice average consumer is making, not much minding the quality of water or information on the label..  and Apple is a master of product design!


Other bottled water I would possibly go for because of package design, that is much more sophisticated then possible Apple packaging:







Meanwhile,  I prefer tap water with a bit of fresh lemon, instead of paying for bottled water and then thinking of green way to get rid of empty bottles..

What’s your favorite?





Reality vs Perception

February 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

It just crossed my mind in right moment so I can’t help but share this!

If you would google pictures for key words “SS Women” you would see a perfect example of biggest gap between reality and perception.




I am impressed.

Revamp Hangover Remedy, sorry but it doesn’t work

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This morning I woke up feeling dead again and willing to wash my liver and all inner organs under the shower. So finally tried this largely advertised hangover remedy, that I got @ Toys4BigBoys last week.

Let away they have mixed powerful things together, including rosemary. Rosemary mixed with green tea is the best thing to drink next morning after big party.

And I have also discovered approximately 2 hours length yoga fusion sequence that can make your life brighter by twisting and squeezing inner organs so the toxins are quicker to leave the body.

However, Revamp made me even more dizzy!…  and the taste is really bad.

But I like their website, and 4 eyed dog.

Applications ..Chronories

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Are any of you using this app? Let me ask you how you feel about it…

Let alone my dear little mac would duplicate all items that are already on my HDD (adorable thingy with duplicates, Mr. Jobs), but also, I would not even sell, but give free of charge all my personal data to market research factory packed and tagged, and with nice golden ribbon on it..

Thanks, but no, thanks.